Smokehouse Studios - East London's Largest Live Room

About Us

Since 1985, the Smokehouse has been a multi-track recording studio in East London. The Smokehouse is a boutique mid sized studio with 4 control rooms, 1 live room and 2 isolation areas all interconnected throughout the facility. We believe great sound starts at the source and we pride ourselves on our collection of vintage and modern instruments, amplifiers, microphones, tape machines and analogue signal processing gear.

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We've Got What You Need

We pride ourselves on our collection of musical instruments, microphones and vintage analogue equipment at The Smokehouse. Think of us a boutique music shop and studio at the same time. We are always expanding our collection so if we don’t have something contact us and we can work it out.

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Facility Floorplan

We have the luxury of having East London’s Largest Live Room at over 900 sq ft. of great sounding room. As you can see on the floorplan below we have optimized the rest of our space so we can have up to 5 workstations going at once. Click on the camera icons below to take a virtual tour.

Video Sessions at The Smokehouse

We have been hard at work over the last few years doing a lot of video sessions for the Sun Newspaper so we compiled a video of some of the highlights. You can book your...

The Sharks Are Back

Legendary rockers Sharks band have released a fantastic new retrospective video for their upcoming digital single One Last Thrill for 3MS Music. You may recognise where some...

New AC for Studio 1A

So after a long run the air conditioners have been changed out for some newer technology in Studio 1A. We are really thankful to be able to be cool for the rest of...