In November of 2018 Smokehouse Studios closed it’s doors as a recording studio for the last time. Many great records were crafted in these walls and for that we are grateful.

Jonathan McMillan who was managing Smokehouse studios since 2012 has resetup and brought with him a lot of the equipment from Smokehouse Studios to a studio called Bamm-Bamm Music located in Forest Hill. For any inquiries to deal with Smokehouse previous’ dealings or to record please don’t hesitate to contact him. The phone number is even still the same and you can find more details at

Smokehouse Studios - East London's Largest Live Room

About Us

Since 1985, the Smokehouse has been a multi-track recording studio in East London. The Smokehouse is a boutique mid sized studio with 4 control rooms, 1 live room and 2 isolation areas all interconnected throughout the facility. We believe great sound starts at the source and we pride ourselves on our collection of vintage and modern instruments, amplifiers, microphones, tape machines and analogue signal processing gear.

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We pride ourselves on our collection of musical instruments, microphones and vintage analogue equipment at The Smokehouse in East London. Think of us a boutique music shop and recording studio at the same time. We are always expanding our collection so if we don’t have something contact us and we can work it out.

Smokehouse Facilities, Food & Drink

The Smokehouse prides its reputation as ‘the favoured recording space’ of its clientele. Our East London recording studio caters for a varied client base and our main 900 sq ft recording studio boasts maple flooring, daylight and is coupled by cutting edge and vintage technology. Two isolation booths allow for the separation of instrumentalists, making Smokehouse recording studios the perfect place for sessions of up to 20 musicians.

Our recording studios are just minutes from an array of restaurants, pubs and clubs to be able to tap you inter the energy of daily East London life. With also being a short walk from Brick Lane, famous for Indian cuisine and 24 hour Bagels, there is no shortage of distractions available if you should need to escape the session. In the immediate vicinity, Smokehouse Studios offers two pubs, 24 hour McDonald’s and an off licence with cash machine.

Facility Floorplan

We have the luxury of having East London’s Largest Live Room at over 900 sq ft. of great sounding room. As you can see on the floorplan below we have optimized the rest of our space so we can have up to 5 workstations going at once. Click on the camera icons below to take a virtual tour.

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New AC for Studio 1A

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