Attended Mixing

If you’re anything like us, you want to come down to the studio for a day and sniff the smell of magnetic tape in the air and electronics crunching through copper. All of our mix sessions include one round of recall scheduled after the initial mix for anything you may not be happy with after living with the mixes from our first time together. All mixing takes place at our East London studio and is subject to availability. The amount of songs we can mix to a high level in one day normally averages 2 songs per day for a 10 hour session.

Cadac e TypeWe book these sessions in half day chunks (5 hours) so we would suggest you book enough 1/2 day slots for the number of songs you need to complete. We would love to discuss your mixing needs at any point and provide samples of our previous work that would closely reflect your project. If you want to get started right away why not book online below: