Smokehouse 2013 - 148Recently at the Smokehouse we have upgraded our Pro Tools rig to run the latest version of 10HD (10.3.3) on the latest MacOS 10.8.2 supported by Avid. Since Avid announced HDX we knew it was time to upgrade our PCI-x based 7.4HD powerPC rig. We had waited to see what is next because we didn’t want to spend money on the PCI-e version of our TDM cards. The benefits however of going HDX were still hard to justify for the £4000 price tag over continuing to run a TDM platform since we had a significant investment in TDM plugins.

Smokehouse 2013 - 160So we had to get creative, which is something we like to do at the Smokehouse! We designed a computer that could run the software requirements for Pro Tools and Mac OSX 10.8 while still providing us PCI slots to run our TDM cards and give us time to hold off on HDX until our plugins catch up.

We are now successfully running Pro Tools 10HD on what’s classified in the system as a Mac Pro Intel Quad core i7 3.4Ghz processor with 32GB of ram. The new computer and pro tools 10 software has made a huge difference to our system at the Smokehouse. It is very powerful while still giving us TDM functionality and the system is perfect for our needs right now. Come down and try it out and you will be convinced.