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Some call it recording we call it tracking, either way the action happens when the red lights are lit, the musicians play or the singers sing. Any great recording in this day in age connects one human’s talent and personality to another. This is why we focus on tracking as out number 1 service and try our hardest to get it right at the source. This is why we invents so heavily in great instruments, microphones, preamps, and conversion. So many clients know the immediate difference on first playback of recording themselves in a great space with great equipment that they get hooked. Come and try it for yourself.

Jonathan McMillan Producer EngineerProduction – Programming

Sometimes you know you have a great song but your aren’t sure on the arrangement, the instrumentation, or maybe even be looking for something different you haven’t seen yourself. Our staff of producers, programmers and engineers are all musicians first and can help you see the vision for your song.

We would love to discuss more in length on how to create your own sonic palette as an recording artist wether it be retro, modern or somewhere in between.


Once you are done tracking your song still needs to be mixed. The staff at Smokehouse has a collective experience of over 50 years mixing music. In fact we are so confident that in just 2 hours you will notice a significant difference that we offer 2 hours free mixing for any new client. Come check out the difference, there is nothing to lose.

Video Sessions

We live in culture that is becoming saturated with video for every event that artists need every opportunity to standout and share their talent. We specialise in making “live lounge” vibe video sessions in our studio to show the world you have what it takes. View some examples that have happened recently to the right.

Tape Archival

We have special tape baking service available on site and access to many older formats as well to bring your 1/4”, 1/2” and 2” into this digital age. Please contact us if you have an archival need.

Free 2hr Mix Session

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Analogue Tape Transfers