So I wanted to let you all know about the most interesting album I’ve been involved in mixing to date. I had the unique pleasure to work on Stephen Dale Petit’s Live At High Voltage starting close to two years ago. This album never touched a computer in the whole process so much so that you can’t even listen to it on a computer now, it’s only available as Vinyl! I just got my copy this weekend on Vinyl and I’m so proud of the assisting I was able to do with Dennis Weinreich on this album. It’s the first piece of Vinyl I’ve gotten with my name on the back cover! [singlepic id=71 w=320 h=240 float=right] As you can see with the picture on the right we even had to sequence the master by splicing 1/2″ tape together with razore blades and tape.

The process of recording it and mixing it was awesome and the more than anything else the performance from Stephen and the band that night is one to remember. I highly recommend this album for anyone who is a fan of the blues or rock and roll because you just can’t find gems like this anymore.

I’m also glad to say I’m not the only person that feels that way. The Classic Rock Blues Magazine gave it a 10/10 in their debut issue (Read the full review here: “It’s Live at Leeds, Dr Feelgood and 66 Blues Breakers in one direct hit” Classic Rock Blues). I’m very privileged right now to be working on the next studio album for Stephen and have had a bit of time to reflect with him on the process of the live album and we both hope we get to do it again. Paul Madden and Mark St. John are the driving force behind the label LMS and I must say thank you to them for letting me be involved in what would not have happened with out their energy and enthusiasm for analogue recording. It’s rubbed off on me so much that I’m not running my label on tape.

Anyone who loves music and has a record player please make sure you grab a copy of this limited edition before it’s too late. You can purchase it here: (click on Store, it’s your first option in the store)