Studio 1

Studio 1 Control Room
Live Room Sunlight


Studio 1’s live room is the largest in East London and boast a very pleasant short reverb time. If you need to dive into an intense production their are two additional DAW workstations available for you in Studio 1 to be able to deliver everything on time and under budget.

The main live room has a Yamaha G3 Acoustic Grand piano which has been described as a bright and punchy sound great for pop music. Another feature that is becoming more unique to Studio 1 is the ability to do analogue recording from start to finish for your project. Our 24 track 2″ Otari M90 truly adds something special to any recording even if it is just used on the way into your favourite DAW. The ability to rent tape also reduces the cost to make analogue recording truly accessible to everyone.

We've Got What You Need

Smokehouse Studios has a large selection of equipment available to meet most needs that a full band could almost come without having to bring any equipment of their own.